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"In my ongoing project, Movement, I strive to give visible shape to the relationship between my own concrete physical movement in the production phase and the established environment or familiar sites chosen as chosen content.

By layering multiple exposures I wish to generate engaging interpretations of iconic structures and landscape sceneries. Fragmented, draped and distorted the images invite the onlooker to come closer and discover the details, which do not reveal themselves from a distance.

At first glance these multi-point visual puzzles appear out of focus or shaken, but in fact they consist of many different very sharp photographs of the same motifs, which are carefully combined to offer an illusion of being on the go – in movement. The hazy, translucent shapes created by the layering make for a photographic style that resembles impressionistic painting while still retaining all the detail of modern photography." - Jacob Gils

Movement by Jacob Gils opens October 20 and runs through November 28, 2016

Opening reception: October 20, 6pm-9pm. RSVP required.

Jacob Gils - Leica Gallery LA Presents: "Movement" by Jacob Gils

20.10.16 - 28.11.16

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