Erico Hiller

24.05.16 - 31.07.16
In Travel Diaries, Érico Hiller presents his deepest impressions above the countries that he explored in the last thirteen years.

Alain Laboile

16.02.16 - 02.04.16
The Leica Gallery São Paulo presented for the first time in Brazil, the remarcable work of the french photographer and sculptor Alain Laboile.

Ralph Gibson

29.10.15 - 31.10.16
Leica Gallery São Paulo presented an exhibition of the new work by Ralph Gibson, Political Abstractions. The Gallery showed 26 images at the main exhibition floor as well a film about the Photographer life at the Container floor.

Andy Summers

06.08.15 - 05.10.15
open to the public from August 6 - October 5, 2015
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