Huber Jens Umbach Yvonne von Schweinitz

The Leica Gallery Wetzlar present from 6 September until 20th November 2017 the exhibition 'Dieter Huber, Jens Umbach and Yvonne de Schweinitz'

Dieter Huber - STRIKE

“As an artist I also have the task of working on socially relevant subjects, of taking a look at the apparently insignificant, marginal and suppressed, reflecting it back to society with an aesthetically high-quality, contemporary and individual interpretation.”

Dieter Huber was born in Schladming, Austria, in 1962. He studied Set and Costume Design, and Theatre Painting at the Mozarteum College in Salzburg from 1980 to 1985. The artist is considered a pioneer of computer-generated art. His work always deals with socially-relevant content. Using different types of artistic techniques, his many series have been exhibited numerous times. Huber lives in Salzburg and Vienna.

Jens Umbach - Afghanistan

“I want to give viewers time to consider and reflect so that through the portraits they put the people in focus and not the war itself.”

Born in Homberg/Efze in 1973, Jens Umbach studied communications design at the University of Darmstadt, and moved to NYC. Free-lance photographer since 1999; he has been published in British Vogue, The New Yorker, London Telegraph Magazine, among others. He has also realised photo campaigns for IBM, Mercedes Benz and American Express. In addition to his commissioned work, Umbach always works on his own projects.He lives and works in Hamburg and NYC.

Yvonne von Schweinitz - Faces of Afghanistan

Born in Gdansk, and first growing up in West Prussia, Yvonne von Schweinitz (1921–2015) was the eldest child of Count Albert von Kanitz. In the 1930s the family relocated to Cappenberg via Berlin. She began working with press photographer Willy Pragher while studying Romance Philology and Art History in Freiburg in the 1950s. She was also working as a translator. Her first great voyage as a photographer took her to Morocco in 1 952. A year later she spent seven months in the Middle East. She married Victor von Schweinitz in 1957, travelling with him to Thailand and South America, among other destinations. Her photographic work has been rediscovered and extensively exhibited over the last few years.

Huber, Umbach, von Schweinitz

06.09.17 - 20.11.17

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