25 Years of Leica Rangefinding

Leica Geovid HD-B and Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B “Edition 2017”

For 25 years now, Leica has enjoyed the reputation of being the pioneer and market leader in the field of laser rangefinding. The Leica Geovid (1992) was the world’s first pair of binoculars with an integrated rangefinder. In honor of this anniversary Leica Sport Optics presents two of its latest top laser rangefinding models in popular olive green armoring.

The Leica Geovid 8 x 42 HD-B and 10 x 42 HD-B “Edition 2017” combine the outstanding advantages of Leica’s rangefinding binoculars: Both pairs of binoculars are able to measure linear distances of up to 2.000 meters (2.200 yards), featuring the ABC® (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) ballistic system and an integrated micro-SD memory card that allows users to upload customer-specific ballistic data to a pair of binoculars plus the open bridge design of the binocular. Part of the “Edition 2017” is an exclusively designed loden bag that comes with the in series cordura bag.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B “Edition 2017”
Also the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B with ballistic function and capable of precise measurement of distances up to 1825 meters (2000 yards) is available in olive green armoring as “Edition 2017”. Part of the edition is an exclusively manufactured cordura bag in light brown. The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B is an compact unbeatable all-rounder that provided both hunters and ambitious long-range marksmen with all the decisive and shot-target-relevant ballistic parameters they need for placing precise and ethically correct shots in any hunting situation. In addition to increasing the maximum range, Leica has also added a number of useful functions to the high-precicion ABCTM ballistic system. With these new features, the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B has now established itself firmly at the top of the class of compact laser rangefinders in the hunting segment. The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B is the first compact rangefinder in the premium segment to offer hunters three ballistic outputs in addition to the measured distance. Depending on the ballistic data required, the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B provided either equivalent horizontal range (EHR) up to a distance of 1100 meters (1200 yards), the holdover value, or the number of clicks to set on the riflescope. To further increase the precision of the ballistic values output by the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B, it now also features an integrated inclinometer, air pressure and temperature sensors.

Pioneer and technology leader
For 25 years now, Leica has enjoyed the reputation of being the pioneer and market leader in the field of laser rangefinding. The Leica Geovid (1992) was the world’s first pair of binoculars with an integrated rangefinder. This was followed in 2004 and 2005 by the Geovid BRF models that where amongst the smallest and handiest binocular rangefinders in their class. The Leica Geovid HD models with fluoride glasses added yet another innovation in 2009. And today, the Leica Geovid 8 x 42 HD-B and Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD-B, Leica Geovid 8 x 42 HD-R (TYP 402) and Leica Geovid 10 X 42 HD-R (TYP 403) and the Leica Geovid 8 x 56 HD-B and Leica Geovid 8 x 56 HD-R (TYP 500) models once again set benchmark standards.

The high-precision ABC® ballistics programme of the Leica Geovid HD-B binoculars enables the precise determination of the point-of-aim correction and displays user-specific results within fractions of a second. When matched to their own particular hunting equipment, users have a choice of three different ballistic applications and can output the results determined in the format relevant to their needs. Temperature, barometric pressure and angle of declination parameters are factored into the calculation for all computing options. For hunters who use a classic reticle, the Leica Geovid HD-B binoculars display not only the measured distance, but also the required elevation adjustment in centimeters or inches. When using a ballistic reticle, information is provided for another important factor in hunting – the equivalent level terrain distance. Hunters who apply their point-of-impact correction in clicks with their fast reticle adjustment can also display the number of clicks required. In this way, the Geovid HD-B models adapt to each hunter’s individual hunting style and provide optimum results in every situation, quite independent of the equipment used.

A significant innovation in the design of the Geovid HD-B models is an integrated micro-SD memory card slot. This enables ballistic parameters like the caliber, zero range, charge to be entered online and downloaded to the SD card for importing to the Geovid HD-B. Distance measurement can be activated immediately after importing the data without any further processing steps. This is the first time there has been such a complete interaction of binoculars and weapon that guarantees hunters maximum precision and the essential safety and certainty required for ethical hunting.
The innovative design of the Geovid HD-B models also sets new standards in terms of ergonomics and handling. Thanks to their new open ergonomic bridge construction concept and the curved form of their tubes, these binoculars offer perfect grip and holding characteristics that, in combination with the ideal weight distribution and balance of their magnesium bodies, guarantees fatigue-free and comfortable handling, even when used for longer periods. The controls (two-button control) are ergonomically located and ideally positioned for both left- and right-handed users.

The Leica Geovid HD-B 42 binoculars offer the ultimate in optical performance in all viewing situations. Their high contrast and edge-to-edge image sharpness ensure identification of even the smallest details. The use of innovative concepts like High Definition (HD) optics – the use of fluoride glasses – in their construction guarantees a viewing image with particularly high contrast, complete freedom from colour fringing and edge-to-edge brilliance and sharpness, even in the twilight hours and when visibility is poor. The brightness of the LED display adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions and shows the determined values with optimum brightness and clarity under any conditions.

The Leica AquaDura® coating on the exposed glass surfaces means dirt and water on the lenses just roll away and improves viewing performance, particularly in rainy weather. The binoculars thus always provide optimum performance, even in adverse weather conditions and extremely humid environments. A further advantage of this special coating is that the lenses can now be cleaned even more quickly and easily.

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Leica Camera AG – производитель фотокамер и оптики для спорта и отдыха премиум-класса, осуществляющий свою деятельность в международном масштабе. Непререкаемый авторитет бренда Leica основывается на давних традициях внедрения передового опыта в изготовление оптики. И сегодня, обогатив высочайший уровень мастерства инновационными технологиями, Leica продолжает выпускать продукты, обеспечивающие наилучшее качество изображения в сфере визуализации и восприятия в любых ситуациях. Штаб-квартира Leica Camera AG расположена в городе Зольмс, земля Гессен, Германия. Кроме того, компания имеет производственные площади в Португалии, в городе Вила-Нова-де-Фамаликао. Компания осуществляет свою международную деятельность через филиалы, находящиеся в Англии, Франции, Японии, Сингапуре, Швейцарии, Южной Корее, Италии, Австралии и США. В последние годы главной движущей силой позитивного развития компании стали новые и инновационные продукты. 

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