New accessories for Leica cameras and binoculars from COOPH and Gitzo

Leica Camera AG presents new accessories for cameras and binoculars.From today, the product portfolio now also features Leica Rope Straps, a selection of carrying straps designed by COOPH. These are offered in a range of four different colours and are a stylish accessory for any camera or pair of binoculars. Also new, and now available from Leica Stores, is an extensive range of high-quality tripods made by Gitzo, the camera equipment specialist from Italy.

In collaboration with COOPH, a manufacturer well-known for stylish and practical accessories, Leica now also offers a collection of carrying straps for use with selected Leica cameras and binoculars. The Leica Rope Straps are manufactured from the same robust material used for climbing ropes and feature trim elements made from Italian leather. These carrying straps are robust and simultaneously elegant accessories that ensure safe and comfortable carrying of cameras or binoculars. The carrying straps are available in four colours, Fire, Glowing Red, Night and Oasis, in two different lengths (100 and 126 centimetres) and with a choice of split ring or nylon tape connectors.

Also new in the Leica product portfolio is a range of tripods manufactured by GITZO. These include the GK1545T-82TQD Traveler Kit, comprising a lightweight tripod and a centre ball head. Thanks to its low weight, this travel tripod with a useful extended height is light enough to carry almost anywhere and features a ball head designed for smooth and precise motion.

The range of tripods also includes the Gitzo Mountaineer GT2542 and GT3542L carbon tripods, both of which are distinguished by their versatility and extremely low weight. For these two tripod models the range of Gitzo products also includes the GH3382QD Precision Ball Head and the GC3101 Tripod Bag as a comfortable carrying solution.

The range of Gitzo products also includes the GT4543LS Systematic Tripod. This particularly stable and extremely versatile tripod is the perfect choice for discerning professional photographers who shoot with longer focal lengths.

Thanks to their quick, easy and efficient locking systems, the Gitzo GH2720QR and GH1720QR Two Way Fluid Heads are ideal for the needs of birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. Both of these compact, robustly constructed heads offer outstanding stability and maximum precision.

Press Information - New accessories for Leica cameras and binoculars from COOPH and Gitzo

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