Кожаный ремешок для переноски

Рекомендуется для использования в сочетании с протектором

Leather carrying strap TL Titan_Protektor rot_960x640

Perfect in every detail

The carrying straps are manufactured from fine Nappa leather and feature an embossed Leica logo. Simply choose your favourite look in yellow, red, black, cemento or stone-grey. A protective tab at the end of the straps prevents scratching of the camera body. Recommended for use in combination with the protector and the ever-ready case.

Имя Номер заказа
Leica Neck strap, yellow 18500
Leica Neck strap, red 18577
Leica Neck strap, cemento 18576
Leica Neck strap, black 18575
Leica Strap, leather, stone-grey 18819
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