Jim Marshall's "Jazz Festival"

15.06.17 - 31.07.17
Jim Marshall and Leica Camera are synonymous. Jim bought his first Leica in 1959 for $50 down and twelve $24 monthly payments. This was the beginning of his fascination with Leica cameras, which led to his collection of twenty different Leica M bodies along with thirty or more Leica lenses with Leicavits modified to fit all of his Leica M bodies. Jim used his beloved Leica cameras up until his death in 2010. Before Jim walked out his front door, he always reached for a Leica to put on his shoulder. It was a ritual he performed every day of his life. Every iconic photograph Jim took was captured with his Leica camera. As Jim once said, “it’s never been just a job it’s been my life.”

Leica Gallery LA Presents: "Provocateur" by Tyler Shields

11.05.17 - 12.06.17
Shot predominantly with the Leica M-P, M7, and M Monochrom, Tyler Shield' "Provocateur" exhibition at the Leica Gallery LA will showcase images that evoke a sensory experience by using light and shocking subject matter that captivates viewers in new ways. Shields’ signature “dark romance” style and iconography are ever present, united with his technique of controlled subconscious image-making.

Leica Gallery LA Presents: "Wide Open" by Danny Clinch

02.03.17 - 01.04.17
Leica Gallery LA Presents "Wide Open" by renowned photographer and director Danny Clinch.
Opening reception: March 2, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Coffee, Cameras & Conversation: March 4, 10:00am-12:00pm
Venue: Leica Gallery LA, 8783 Beverly Blvd

Leica Gallery LA Presents: "Movement" by Jacob Gils

20.10.16 - 28.11.16
Jacob Gils' "Movement" opens October 20th and runs through November 28

Leica Gallery LA Presents: "Cycle" by Julian Lennon

08.09.16 - 17.10.16
A glimpse through the picture window, into the Cycle of Life, of those living on the borders of the South China Sea.

Leica Gallery LA Presents "Darker Than Blue"

07.09.16 - 17.10.16
Candid, black-and-white exhibit features images from Bitton’s world travels as well as famous “Hand Portraits," echoes artist’s spontaneous photography.

Andy Summers

21.07.16 - 06.09.16
"I like Chinese poetry very much and the idea of traveling on the road with no given destination. One of the great individuals who spoke on this topic, was a very influential sage and philosopher, by the name of Chuang Tzu, who existed in the 4th century B.C. Chuang Tzu extolled the idea of wandering and thinking, if you like, as did Basho in Japan. My personal version of that I suppose would be wandering about in a country like China with a Leica in my hand. The title “The Bones of Chuang Tzo” is not original but comes from a poem by Chang Heng who lived between 78-139 A.D. It gives me great happiness to be out of the big cities and photographing these timeless areas and seeing that to some degree they remain untouched." - Andy Summers

Mark dePaola "60 Seconds"

16.06.16 - 18.07.16
"Intimacy is the nucleus of all of my work. Whether a momentary glance from someone unknown or a moment from someone closest to me, an intimacy is always present. It has been my lifelong work to provide a safe environment of non wherein my subject is able to communicate freely."

Above and Below

06.05.16 - 13.06.16
"Johnson’s creative footprint has been instrumental in shaping not just Patagonia’s brand vision, but adventure culture as well”. -Esquire Magazine

Anthony Friedkin

06.05.16 - 13.06.16
By using his camera as a means of personal discovery, Anthony Friedkin's full frame black & white photographs explore the many layers of reality.
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