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Melanie Pullen's "Unseen Stories" is a collection of Pullen's carefully selected photographs from her rarely-seen fashion stories. Pullen notes that she often uses fashion as a creative outlet to express the nuances and ideas that arise while shooting her extensive bodies of work. In this regard, these stories become yet another chapter to her fine-art photography. The idea to exhibit this body of work came about when she was asked to have her photography in the current Getty Museum exhibition Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography.

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Melanie Pullen is an LA-based self-taught fine-art photographer raised in a family of photojournalists, publishers and artists. Her photography is heavily influenced by early forensic photography, war journalism, cinema and fashion. Her photography has been shown in major museums and galleries internationally; it is permanently in the holdings of many of the most prominent public and private collections around the world. She has been featured in hundreds of publications including: The New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Esquire Magazine, ELLE Magazine, London's Sunday Independent, Spin Magazine, W Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, 1814 Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

Melanie Pullen - "Unseen Stories" by Melanie Pullen

20.09.18 - 31.10.18

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