World on Fire - The Burning Man Collection

02.02.18 - 08.04.18
In his new photographical series, Marek Musil aimed his camera at the American art phenomenon that is the Burning Man festival, that’s taking place in the midst of Nevada’s desert ever since the eighties.

A Tribute to the Masters of Photography

24.11.17 - 28.01.18
Painters, actors, photographers, musicians: during his long career, he has put together an impressive gallery of portraits of important artists and contemporaries; but for Ara Güler it was always Istanbul that was the star of the show. Without his pictures it would be virtually impossible to have the photographic impressions of Istanbul that we have today.

Wild Wild West

20.09.17 - 19.11.17
“I quite simply like people with personality, who can have fun in front of my camera!”


25.11.16 - 29.01.17
To mark the 120th anniversary of the birth of the world-renowned Czech photographer, teacher and writer on photography Jaromír Funke (1896–1945), Leica Gallery Prague has prepared an exhibition devoted exclusively to the most important segment of his work – his avant-garde studies in the style of functionalism, new objectivity, abstraction and surrealism. Some of Funke's photographs from the 1920s, with their pioneering use of light and translucence not only as compositional elements but as subjects in themselves, rank among the most radical examples of abstraction in international photography. His cycles Reflexes, exploring the phantasmagorical opposition between reality and reflection, and Time Lasts, capturing eerie encounters between disparate objects in unexpected contexts, were the first surrealist works of Czech photography. Avant-garde tendencies are also evident in his photographs of architecture and details of industrial buildings, as well as in his nudes, portraits, landscapes and social documentary shots. The exhibition, which beside original period prints of his most famous images also presents some of his lesser-known and hitherto unpublished work, has been put together by Vladimír Birgus with the kind assistance of Funke's daughter, Miloslava Rupešová.


09.09.16 - 20.11.16
The exhibition 'White Spaces in Slovak Photography' traces the work of photographers who studied under Professor Milota Havránková from 1972 to the present, whether at the Art and Design High School of Bratislava, the Art Photography Studio of the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design, or the Photomedia Studio at Banska Bystrice College of Art. The exhibition concept is to map the major creative shifts in their output through different periods and schools, focussing above all on the evolution of photography as a medium in the context of new developments in the visual arts. The exhibition includes works by Richard Bolčo, Tomáš Agat Błoński, Jana Hojstričová, Peter Homola, Dominika Horáková, Marko Horban, Júlia Laufová, Silvia Saparová, Anton Sládek, Magda Stanová, Olja Triaška Stefanović, Ján Strieš, Mária Šimková, Jana Šturdíková and Miro Švolík.


24.06.16 - 04.09.16
The exhibition presents Dana Kyndrová’s best known series of photography from the years 1990–1991, when the author spent several months trying to catch the revolutionary times in the contemporary Czech and Slovak history – the end of so called temporary stay of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia. 25 years later she returned to the places she documented during 90’s and extended the original series for additional pictures that even today still remind the presence of the Soviet mission in our country.

Glimpses of Time

01.04.16 - 19.06.16
The exhibition Glimpses of Time presents two important cycles from the rich oeuvre of the Czech photographer Petr Sirotek (b. 1946): his still life studies and his travel pictures from Nepal.

The Haight: Love, Rock & Revolution

29.01.16 - 28.03.16
The exposition presents the work of an internationally renowned 20th century rock stars photographer.

A Tribute to Werner Bischof

27.11.15 - 24.01.16
Werner Bischof's humanistic approach towards existential human issues combined with his artistic talents made him a classic of black and white photography.

Anton Podstrasky

10.09.15 - 22.11.15
Anton Podstrasky, Slovak photographer – documentary maker, studied at the photographic department of the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava from 1955 to 1960. After completing his studies, he worked as a photographer at the film studio of Slovak Film in Bratislava. In the mid-1970s, he began to work as freelancer and his photos appeared in newspapers and magazines. He rarely participated in the activities of the photographic community and the whole of his work remained practically unknown to the expert and general public. Only recently did it become obvious that he was one of few Slovak photographers to succeed in fully capturing the other face of life during “real socialism“, i.e., in the final phase of development of the communist system before its decline.
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