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In the still lifes, Sirotek sees not only unusual objects that might catch an observant eye, but also – and primarily – a part of the lives of the people who surround themselves with them. For him, ‚still life‘ is not the dead world of things discarded or abandoned, but a means of supplementing the world of the living and thus anchoring our memories. The travel photographs of Nepal date from Sirotek‘s visit to that country in 1973, when he spent six months with a mountaineering expedition to the Himalayas as photographer and cameraman. His photographs brilliantly capture the everyday lives of the local people, both in the towns and in the extreme conditions of the countryside. The exhibition Glimpses of Time coincides with the publication of two new books celebrating Petr Sirotek and his lifetime‘s work, which will be formally launched at the opening.

Petr Sirotek - Glimpses of Time

01.04.16 - 19.06.16

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