Photo by Fulvio Bugani

Fulvio Bugani has never doubted that Cuba has a lot more to offer than what you see in travel brochures or hear on the news: he has already been working on his project to capture the soul of Cuba in photographs for five years. Looking for more than just the superficial image, Bugani first travelled to the Caribbean island in 2003: he was immediately captivated by the country, its wildlife, its cities and, above all, its people. He made Havana his second home and hung out with the locals.
With the aim of capturing their diversity, Bugani created a colourful series of complex pictures with a strong alternation and interaction of bright light and deep shadows. Some of his protagonists are accompanied by their shadows, so that they step onto Bugani’s stage twice, while others are just represented with a portrait. His compositions always show the interplay of various levels of light and shadow, and, with the strong colours of the house walls, create a multi-layered overall image – as diverse as Cuban society itself.

Fulvio Bugani - A Personal Vision: Space, Lights, Colours And People

18.08.17 - 06.09.17

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