Living Apart/Water Worldwide

13.10.20 - 28.11.20
After World War II, the South African government gradually developed rules and regulations to preserve the country’s white minority – a state of being more commonly known as Apartheid. The British photographer Ian Berry recorded this aspect of South African society and the resulting racial tensions, social difficulties and unnatural way that people, who could co-exist happily, were commanded to spend their lives Living Apart, hence the title of his nationally exhibited body of work and sell-out book was born.

The Pleasure Principle

20.02.20 - 13.04.20
“There is only one famous person in the book,” says Chris Steele-Perkins of his photobook The Pleasure Principle. “It was a deliberate choice as I wanted the book to be about ‘ordinary’ people.

The Vanity Fair Years

31.01.20 - 17.02.20
In 1988 Dafydd Jones was invited to New York by the journalist and editor Tina Brown to cover parties for Vanity Fair magazine initially for a month's try-out.

Nature Tales

13.12.19 - 27.01.19
The exhibition at Leica Gallery London will showcase for the first time new diptychs by the artist – portraits of human characters paired with animals. Gonnord draws on the rich visual tapestry of time-old fables bringing to life the idea of a mythical animal or magical creature and then fitting this being with its human counterpart.

A Diary

05.11.19 - 08.12.19
The images in the exhibition are largely drawn from Nan Goldins seminal social document or as she refers to it ‘the diary I allow people to read’.

The Everyday Chaos of Ordinary Life

04.09.19 - 20.10.19
‘I learned, I think everything I know about being an artist, using a Leica on the streets. It taught me to understand human nature and to predict even the kinds of little things that might be happening. It has engaged my curiosity with the world and the meaning that comes out of the world. It’s really been an instrument of my education and development as an artist. That’s a mighty tool.’ Joel Meyerowitz

Just Outside

17.07.19 - 01.09.19
The exhibition ‘Just Outside’ is quintessential Cohen – the black & white and colour images are from his hometown and hone in on intimate moments between a group of kids or slices of faces up close and personal, weird and wonderful angles are achieved through his nimble balletic moves and quick-as-a-flash snapping.

Ralph Gibson

04.05.19 - 23.06.19
Leica UK are celebrating the career of this master of photography via the curation of two exhibitions across two London venues.

True Glamour / True Grit

01.03.19 - 26.04.19
The official launch on 28th February 2019 will be a celebration of British photography at its most chic; ‘True Glamour/True Grit’ promises to open the gallery in style and will showcase sparkling fashion images shot between the 1960’s and 1980’s by legendary Brits Terence Donovan, Brian Duffy, Terry O’Neill and John Swannell.
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