Heart of Australia

07.02.20 - 31.10.20
A lighthearted celebration of Australia communities.

For Your Amusement

25.10.19 - 08.12.19
This is the first time Craig Semetko's photographs have been exhibited in Australia.


02.08.19 - 31.10.19
21 pivotal moments that represent Tim Page's journey from war to peace.


17.05.19 - 01.08.19
Alan Schaller through his series 'Metropolis' examines the way in which we are dwarfed by the world around us, and how that can lead us to feel.


22.11.18 - 31.01.19
Marking his first ever exhibition in Australia, ‘Untitled’ is a collection of 15 photographs taken by New York based-Magnum photographer, Bruce Gilden.
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