Leica Gallery Wetzlar

Leica Gallery Wetzlar

At the Leica headquarters

For Leica camera AG, the move to the Leitz Park in Wetzlar is a return to its roots and a step into the future with new headquarters. The Leica Gallery Wetzlar has also made itself a home here, and is inviting visitors to explore the constantly evolving facets of the world of photography.

Leica Gallery Wetzlar

Leica Camera AG
Am Leitz-Park 5
35578 Wetzlar

Номер телефона: +49 (0) 6441 - 2080-0
Факс: +49 (0) 6441 - 2080-333

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Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 08.00 pm
Saturday/Sunday 10.00 am - 06.00 pm

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