Firmware updates for the LEICA S (FW, LEICA S2/S2-P (FW and all Leica S-Lenses

Leica Camera

Leica Camera AG presents new firmware updates for the Leica S-System. Users wishing to bring their cameras and lenses up to date can download the new firmware (available September 16th, 2014) for the Leica S Type 006 (FW and the Leica S2/S2-P (FW free of charge from the Leica website and take advantage of the enhancements.

In particular FW, the firmware update for the LeicaS (Type 006), optimises numerous functions, considerably improves the performance of the camera and all Leica S-Lenses and represents the most comprehensive firmware update since the launch of the Leica S-System. In addition to a completely reprogrammed autofocus algorithm that improves AF performance and enables significantly faster and more precise focusing, the update also includes optimised AF drive control for all S-Lenses. The update also provides improved predictive object tracking in continuous AF mode (predictive AF). GPS precision has also been optimised. Local coordinates are now saved to image files only when the GPS signal is no older than five minutes.

Further, the firmware updates for the LeicaS (FW and Leica S2/S2-P (FW cameras also support the Leica Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 ASPH., currently the fastest portrait telephoto lens in the medium-format segment, and ensure optimum functional compatibility when mounted on Leica S (Type 006), S2 and S2-P cameras.

Leica Camera

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Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. The legendary reputation of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellent quality. In combination with innovative technologies, all Leica products fulfil a common objective: better pictures, wherever perception and visualization matter. Leica Camera AG has its headquarters in Wetzlar, in the state of Hessen in Germany, and a second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal and operates its own worldwide network of regional organisations, Leica Retail Stores, Leica Galleries and Leica Akademies. 

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