Me & My Leica X Photo Contest:

The winners and the shortlist of the best entries are now online

The winners of the Leica X competition ‘Me & My Leica X Photo Contest’ have been selected. The jury selected twenty first places from the many thousands of entries – ten for the X Vario and ten for the X Prime models (X1 or X2). The list of winners can be found at along with a shortlist of the best entries (single photos and portfolios) from more than 60 photographers – 20 for the X Vario and 45 for the X Prime models.

Leica Camera AG invited photographers to enter the competition organised in collaboration with LFI Photographie GmbH. Those interested were requested to submit their own, very personal, moments captured with a Leica X Vario, an X2 or an X1 camera. No creative limits were set for the entries – they could include anything from travel photography to spontaneous snapshots.

The first-place prizes in each of the two categories (X Vario and X Prime) are exclusive invitations to the inaugural event at the opening of the new company complex in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar – including all travel and overnight accommodation. What’s more, interviews with the two winners will also be published on the Leica Blog along with their pictures. The second-place prizes are accessories for Leica X cameras valued at 500 euros and publication of the winning pictures on the blog. The winners in third to tenth place in each category will all receive a free six-month subscription to LFI.

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