Leica Camera and JMGO as a pioneering home cinematic entertainment brand are delighted to announce the start of a strategic partnership. With their cooperation, both companies are setting an important milestone for the future of home cinema entertainment. Together, Leica and JMGO want to take the home cinema experience into a new dimension with innovative and high-quality products.

In 2020, Leica embarked on the co-engineering journey with JMGO. They jointly developed and optimized the optical engine to achieve the best possible image quality and imaging performance in the specific application scenarios of smart LED projectors.

After 12 months of development, JMGO O1 Pro, co-engineered with Leica, made its debut at the product launch today in Shanghai, China. Next, JMGO is planning to launch the product in international markets in Q2 2021.

The development of cameras and projectors is based on many similarities. Optical design, luminous selection and image processing are the key pillar that play a significant role in the overall imaging quality. The JMGO O1 Pro is the result of the intensive collaboration in research and development. The LED projector combines the strengths of both companies based on in-depth technology expertise and the synergy of the talented pool of optic and imaging quality engineers.

JMGO O1 Pro features the ultra-short throw capability where users can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing and home cinema experience. With Leica’s effort, the total throw ratio is reduced from 0.25m (O1) to extreme 0.21m (O1 Pro). The projector placed directly in front of the projection surface, creates a perfect interior design for the room. Image quality regarding contrast-enhancing, color gamut, stray light reduction, dynamic range, sharpness, and noise reduction have all been refined. During production, rigid Leica standards are implemented to guarantee uncompromising high quality of the series products.

“We are thrilled to partner with Leica such a legendary industry leader. Elevating user experience has always been our top priority. With Leica’s contribution, JMGO O1 Pro is equipped with the highest quality optical engine that promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to our users. Throughout the collaboration, we pay much respect to Leica’s demand for perfection, the level of attention to details, and the uncompromising work ethics. We look forward the partnership to multiply our expertise and aspiration in the best image quality to create the ultimate theatre-caliber experience,” says Will Wang, Chief Product Officer of JMGO.

 “Home cinema entertainment is an exciting market and projection is not an unknown environment for Leica. We bring to the collaboration not only our expertise in optics and quality, but also many years of experience in the development of projectors. With JMGO, we have the ideal and strong partner at our side to develop this new business area successfully. We are looking forward to the joint development of high-quality and high-performance products that will offer customers professional imaging quality in their own homes,” says Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG.


Leica and JMGO will continue to forge ahead with the long-term partnership to providing more high-quality entertainment products to global users.

About JMGO

JMGO specializes in R&D and the production of smart projectors and laser TVs. Pioneering in cinematic entertainment space for a decade now, JMGO is committed to delivering immersive large-screen experiences in diverse forms of portability and versatility, and integrate functional design and high-quality entertainment to everyone. Launched in 2011, JMGO has been an industry leader in the category and secured the number 1 market share since 2014. Now JMGO is in full swing expanding to international markets, including North America, Europe, and Japan, striving to build an industry-first home cinematic entertainment ecosystem that encompasses 'terminal + content + platform + software' all in one to global users.

Leica Camera

Leica Camera – A Partner for Photography

Leica Camera — спутник в мире фотографии

Leica Camera AG — всемирно известный производитель фотокамер и спортивной оптики премиум-класса. Легендарная репутация Leica сложена из вековых традиций качества, немецкого мастерства исполнения и технической эстетики в сочетании с инновационными технологиями. Неотъемлемой частью культуры бренда является разнообразие направлений развития и поддержки искусства фотографии, которым компания уделяет внимание. Наряду с собственным галереями и Leica Akademie, разбросанными по всему миру, бренд отдает дань уважения выдающимся фотографам в зале славы Leica Hall of Fame и уже более 40 лет проводит премию Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA), которая считается одной из самых творческих наград со спонсорской поддержкой. Штаб-квартира Leica находится в городе Вецларе, Германия, где также расположена основная производственная площадка бренда. Второе место производства — Вила-Нова-де-Фамаликан (Vila Nova de Famalicão) в Португалии. По миру рассредоточены официальные представительства и собственные розничные салоны Leica Stores, а также сертифицированные сервисные центры бренда.

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