Leica SL2

Выбор очевиден

47 MP and the
speed that I need

I’m Tino, a photographer from Lucerne. Leica has included everything I wanted in the new SL2: 47 MP and the speed that I need for all my jobs.

Its viewfinder is much better than its predecessor’s, and it’s a lot easier to operate the camera, meaning that I hardly need to take my eye off the viewfinder.

So that I can deliver the results that the client wants, I work with a device that is extremely easy to use and that I can 100% rely on.


That is essential to me. I’ve found all that with this Leica device. It only has a few buttons and offers the exact workflow that I expect from a camera.

I just need to press the shutter release button and I get exactly the image that I’m after. Set the focus to the middle, the wakeboarder jumps over, and I get the perfect shot – razor-sharp.

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Leica SL2
Выбор очевиден

Leica SL2, наряду с Leica M, является единственной полноформатной беззеркальной системой, спроектированной и созданной в Германии, и представляет собой уникальное соединение высокой производительности и непревзойденного качества сборки. Модель Leica SL2 — это естественное продолжение инновационной серии Leica SL, в ней воплощено будущее цифровой фотографии и видеографии.

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